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Friday, March 30, 2012

Happy Easter on a budget!

No sooner is Christmas behind us and we are already heading for Easter!

I mean, I hadn't even got around to taking the old Santa off his perch by the gate. Oh well, this will have to do this year!

Happy Easter to you all!

Friday, March 23, 2012

Matt was here ...

With his father Ian. They arrived early to get a few days of fishing in before Sunday's competition at the Nelligen Park.

They're off at the crack of dawn each morning in search of the Big One! Come Sunday morning, there'll probably be more fishermen On the river than fish IN the river!

Reminds me of Graham Kennedy's funny line in Travelling North: "The last fish that came out of the lake was so lonely it gave itself up!"

Friday, March 9, 2012

Tomakin and the Sunpatch Kaffay

The views from Melville Point at Tomakin are spectacular.
It's one of the best whale-watching spots on the South Coast.
(Melville Point, Hermann Melville, Moby Dick - get it? ☺ )

The first bit of sunshine and blue sky in days saw us on the beautiful South Coast. Just a dozen clicks from Batemans Bay is the village of Tomakin. With the Tomago River on one side and the endless expanse of the South Pacific Ocean ahead, you can see as far south as Gulaga Mountain with Broulee Island Nature Reserve and Mossy Point in the foreground.

A little history on Tomakin, named for a local fisherman THOMAS AKIN: where the well-known Caravan Park now stands there was just a shack, occupied by a very self-sufficient gentleman, Tom Barling. The village was called ‘SUNPATCH’ for a short period of time by the land developers, who also had a small airstrip to fly in prospective buyers. There were two farms in the area, three cheese factories and a steam-driven saw mill was located by the riverbank.

The local shop, now a busy hub for locals, was originally operated by Alf Stephens and opened just half a day, once a week. These days Martin and Jo Rose have the Tomakin General Store open and ready to go every day with fresh home baked cakes, including great coffee, Devonshire tea, Portuguese tarts, home made pies, such as Sweet Potato, Bacon and Cheese, gluten free products and hot meals!

The Tomakin General Store - or SUNPATCH KAFFAY, as it is now known - is also very dog-friendly with a hitching post and a watering bowl. They even sell 'Oh My Dog' biscuits which you can share with your four-legged friend while you sip your latte.

'Oh My Dog' biscuits

And here's one of Joe's recipes you can try yourself:

Tomakin Treats
½ cup sugar
1 cup coconut
1 cup rolled oats
1 cup cornflakes
Combine all of above in mixing bowl. Melt 4-oz butter with 1 dessertspoon honey. Add to the dry ingredients, form into balls, flatten and bake at 300-350 deg F till golden brown.

Jo also has a stall at the Moruya markets where she sells her famous "Her Pieness" homemade pies. SUNPATCH KAFFAY can be found on the corner of Kingston Place and Sunpatch Parade. Look for folk enjoying a latte under the large umbrellas.

There is so much more to this village. No wonder the locals love the peace and serenity and there is a real community spirit alive here. So for your next budget day out, why not slip into the village of Tomakin? You might get a real surprise!

Thursday, March 1, 2012

More beautiful lies

Dear Peter and Padma,

Thank you for a wonderful stay at Riverbend. We have been able to do everything we set out to do: relax, see wildlife, breathe fresh air and catch fish. Both of you have been extremely generous & hospitable so we won't hesitate in coming back and recommending Riverbend to our friends.

Thanks again!!
Karen & Mick

Dear Peter & Psdma,

Thank you for the relaxing weekend - there is no better way to spend a birthday - sitting by the river & relaxing. Many thanks for the birthday cake, Padma, we enjoyed gobbling it all up.

See you again sometime next year.
Peter & Pauline Kapp, Canberra

Peter and Padma

We think your spontaneous, warm and sincere hospitality was the highlight of our one week stay.
The essence and feel of Riverbend is unique and wonderful and it was just what we had hoped for and gave us the wonderful sleep and rest
we often miss in the city.

We were exceedingly comfortable and your attention to the little details ensured complete satsifaction.

The 'starter' breakfast pack, the Glühwein and pancakes all added to an already great experience.

Good luck with this enterprise in the future. We plan to visit you again - just not sure when.

Take care and have fun
Richard & Jan Howlett, Brisbane

P.S. If my writing is all over the place it's because I've forgotten how to write during our stay.

Dear Peter & Padma,

What can I say? This place is HEAVENLY.

Thankyou for a quiet & lovely place to work, and your generous hospitality.

Linda Elliott, A.C.T.

Dear Padma & Peter,

It was all too brief but chance showed us a place that we will long remember and long to return. The perfect setting for any time of the year - although I dream of long, lazy summer days!

A little touch of paradise - you lucky things!

Til next time
Ken & Lee Opits, Seaford, Victoris

P.S. Ever want to seel an acre 'down the back', let us know!

Dear Peter & Padma
We would like to thank you for a very relaxing and enjoyable stay. It's been a lovely extended honeymoon! The views are just gorgeous and although we didn't do too well with our fishing, it was great just to sit and talk.

The breakfast you provided was a lovely touch and our room was lovely and cosy.

We hope to be back in the near future when it's time to 'get away from it all'. We will be telling our friends about this place, or will we? Maybe this should just remain our little hideaway!!

See you soon
Ashley & Melanie Godfrey, Pearce, A.C.T.

Dear Peter and Padma

Thank you for allowing us to share your beautiful hideaway. I am leaving this place feeling very relaxed and we look forward to visiting again in May. You are a lovely couple and made us feel very welcome. We enjoyed our chats and lovely breakfast and spending time with little Malty and Peter's stories.

Till May. Bye from<
Debbie & Trevor Love

Dear Padma & Peter

Thanks so much for your hospitality. We found Riverbend by chance this time, but next time chance will play no part.

We loved everything about your hide-away It's a very well kept secret.

Peter, you brew the best 'nightcap', and Padma's pancakes are heavenly.

See you again
Best wishes
Steve & Ethel Hooth, Lugarno, Sydney

I tell people that strangers are only friends you have not met. As a last-minute decision to spend the weekend at the coast, it could not have been a better decision.

Not only did we meet two wonderful people, but we found a haven we will be (to be honest) reluctant to share with too many people in case we have to compete for time here.

Tnank you for your hospitality & warmth. We look forward to many memorable stays at Riverbend in the future.

Colette & Paddy, Gowrie, A.C.T.

Dear Padma & Peter

Thank you for a relaxing stay in such a beautiful place. Your position here is really very special.

It's great to be able to leave our fishing boat and canoe tied up right here out front of the cottage. In other places where we have visited, we would have to drive to the boat ramp two or four times a day.

Your hospitality and friendship are very much appreciated. We look foward to seeing you both again.

Many thanks.
Ron & Charlotte Stahl, Canyonleigh, near Moss Vale

Dear Peter & Padma,

Thankyou for your hospitality over the past couple of weeks. You have a beautiful, peaceful part of the world here, and both Peter and myself have enjoyed our relaxing stay.

Padma, you are the Queen Pancake Maker, our tummies loved your breakfast treats.

We look forward to telling our friends about our Nelligen adventure, and hopefully we ourselves will be back for more visits sometime. This has been my best 29th birthday ever!

Many thanks
Pauline & Peter Kapp, Vinventia, NSW

Dear Peter & Padma,

Thank you for allowing us to stay at Riverbend. The setting is very realxing and breathtaking. The birdlife here is wonderful.

Many thanks for your hospitality. You made us feel as if we were part of "the farm".

With kind regards
Ken and Margaret Sherriff

Dear Padma & Peter,

Our holiday started really here. This is a beautiful and quiet place with a wonderful view at the river. We will miss breakfast and tea at the treehouse, wake up by the cockatoos and the silence. Thanks for your hospitality and the 'Club Med' feeling and the experience in the local pub and of course the mushroom farm. Merel has informed us that she'll return here when she is 18 years old. So don't sell your property! She will miss Padma. Now we have to compete with the attention and care of her second other. Hope we can satisfy her.

We will keep this place and your friendship in our heart and memory. Enjoy both Peter's retirement.

Kind regards
Peter, Merel and Marjaleene Boogers, Nederlands

Hi Padma & Peter

The expression "words fail me" seems so appropriate right now because it is very difficult to express adequately our thanks for inviting us to share in your piece of Paradise here at Riverbend.

In Stuart Magee's book on the Clyde River he talks of the atmosphere he experiences - "peace", he says, "that you could carry in a bucket" and that is possible to find here at this bend in the river as we watched the movements of the tide. Add to this the hospitality on a most generous scale along with stimulating conversations, and surely the world's largest book and video collection and one has the recipe for the greatest R & R ever!!!

Thanks again
Marianne & Peter Cruickshank, Mittagong, NSW

Thank you Padma & Peter

We discovered you on the internet - that most modern medium - amd found exactly what we were looking for - a step back to life as we prefer it: quiet, peaceful & undulating.

Loved the chairs! 1 week was almost long enough to try most of them with different favourites every day, mood and weather, time & tide all playing a part - but long live the tree that supports the 'house'. We will return to our own home and seek a seat or 2 to capture the same feeling - thanks for the inspiration.

And thanks for the treats and sharing your animals; they are delightful, domestic & wild.

Don't change a thing!
Kath & Philip

Hi Padma & Peter

It is 18 months or so since we last visited Riverbend but it was just a few hours after arriving here that the magic of the place settled on us. The stillness apart from the biord chorus - the most active thing was the ebb and flow of the river.

Here's to the next time!
Marianne & Peter Cruickshank, Mittagong

P.S. I forgot to mention the special effects of the night sky - WOW! Has anyone seen stars quite in such array? Then there is access to Peter's extensive selection of books and videos and Padma's culinary treats (and lessons) - one could go on and on!!!!