Paradise has a name ... Riverbend


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Saturday, August 27, 2011

Early Saturday morning at "Riverbend"

These misty mornings at "Riverbend" are sheer magic! I need these quiet, pensive moments: just me and my thoughts and a hot cup of tea.

While pensive poets painful vigils keep,

Sleepless themselves to give their readers sleep.

These days I need only four hours' sleep. True, I need it twice a day, but still. When I wake up in my pyjama, I know it's morning; if I'm in my clothes, it's time for afternoon tea.

In the meantime, there are chores to be done: the wild birds and the wild ducks on the pond need feeding; the battery in the tractor is flat and needs recharging; last night's rain filled the dinghy which needs bailing; and then there is the endless weeding and gardening.

All too soon, the sun will be out and it'll be too hot to do anything more than go for a drive to Moruya to visit the markets and have lunch at the bowling club.